16 Apr 2015

Social Media Marketing Tip #1 from Jenny Johnston

Social Media Marketing Tip Number 1 for Professional Photographers

Brought to you from our very own Social Media Marketing expert, Jenny Johnston, we will be offering a number of tips over the next couple of weeks to help you make the most of social media for marketing your photography business.

TIP #1: Post relevant content for your audience; focus on your customer.

So much of what we do on social media centres on "me" or things like "here's what we've been up to lately". To generate real engagement on your social media accounts you must think about your audience and the kind of content they're going to be interested in.

For example if you're a wedding photographer brides-to-be might be interested in tips on how to get the most from their wedding photography. Or ideas such as "top 10 tips to consider before booking a wedding photographer". When you start focusing on the needs and wants of your customers and post relevant engaging content, it gets easier to reach a wider audience online.

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