29 Jan 2018

Why the Ultimate Mat?

The Ultimate Mat from 3XM

About a year ago our CEO Ronan Ryle set the 3XM team a challenge... could we design a beautiful bevel-cut mat that was better than anything else that existed.

For you (yes you), the photographer, we wanted:

  • A mat that made it easy to slide prints inside
  • A mat that would mean no more prints slipping (like ever!)
  • A mat that could be re-used if your clients decided they didn't want to buy
  • A mat that didn't require tape or glue
  • A Mat that looked as beautiful on the back as it did on the front
The team started with a blank sheet and got to work. After months (and months!) of design sketches, testing & manufacturing we finally had a product that we believed was the Ultimate Mat.

We knew we were on to something special and we wanted to shout about it from the rooftops! BUT since the design was so special, we wanted to patent it and so we had to stay quiet...

But not anymore! You may by now have seen all the hype about these Ultimate Mats. They're getting a lot of people talking on social media and even some of our competitors have taken their hats off to us to say "well done".

But for us, the ultimate test was always going to be from the people that we care about the most. Our customers.

Thankfully the feedback has been amazing and we couldn't be more proud of the teams effort to make the Ultimate Mat a reality.

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