with an online portrait gallery

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When you've finished your sales process, surprise your client with their very own online gallery. They'll love you for it! It allows them to share their photos quickly and easily on social media and because your details are always included, every share opens you up to potential new business.

Your client will also love the fact that they can save it as an app icon to their phone for easy access. It's a win win for everyone.

Make your client even happier with an easy share gallery


Did you know that on average 65% of new business comes from referrals. Not only that but a person referred by a friend is 4 times more likely to buy plus they'll spend on average 13.2% more than regular customers. Don't let them pass you by - get out there and grab their attention!

We've made it easier than ever for prospective clients to contact you from any of your galleries. With just 1-click they can instantly contact you via Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp.

Did you know that 63% of people don't want to take a call from a business? Their preferred way to communicate is messaging. It's instant, convenient and always at their fingertips.

* Available on PRO galleries and subscriptions only

Let prospective clients message you instantly from any gallery
Simple, fast digital delivery

  • Give your client easy and instant access to their digital files
  • Download individual images
  • Download the entire gallery
  • Download direct to Dropbox
  • Restrict download access to your client
  • Embed your own video or slideshow
  • Text or email the link to your client
  • Free or paid downloads - the choice is yours

We believe that in-person print viewings are the best way to maximise your sales. We are NOT recommending that you ONLY sell products via an online gallery. Quite the opposite in fact. However, an online gallery can give you the opportunity to extend your sales reach beyond your direct client. This can be particularly effective with newborn and family portraits where other members of the family may wish to purchase a print. Since the gallery is hooked up to a lab, you can rest assured that your prints will always be professionally produced and delivered direct to your client in white label packaging.

Selling from the gallery is completely optional. It's super simple to turn it on or off. When a sale takes place, your portion of the sale goes straight to your Stripe account and the balance goes to us so we can pay the lab on your behalf. No waiting around for your money and no commission to pay.

* Available on PRO galleries and subscriptions only



  • Extend your sales reach beyond your direct client
  • Completely optional
  • Sell professionally produced printed products
  • Allow your client to purchase additional prints in the future
  • Lab ships directly to your client in white label packaging
  • We charge 0% commission
  • No waiting on your money
  • We pay the lab on your behalf
Sell prints from your online gallery

Features at a glance

Social Sharing

People are all about sharing on social media and we've made it really easy for your client to share not only individual images but the entire gallery too.

Your Brand

We only ever display your brand. All galleries include a photographer profile which includes your logo, a bio about yourself, contact information and links to your social media pages.

Digital Downloads

Allow your clients to download their photos directly from their gallery. They can pay a fee or you can make it free - the choice is yours! Available on PRO galleries or to subscription users only.

Mobile App

Your client can save their gallery as an icon on their phone screen for quick and easy access to their gallery.

Embed your own video

You can embed your own slideshow or behind-the-scenes video from Animoto, YouTube, Vimeo or simply an MP4 file from your website within the gallery.

Text a Link

Give your client instant access to their gallery on their mobile phone. Simply text a link to them from your control panel. Available on PRO galleries or to subscription users only.

Sell online

Create a gallery, assign a price list and hey presto - you're ready to sell online! Not only can your clients purchase professional print products but so can their family and friends so it massively extends your sales reach.

Pay 0% commission

We don't take any commission on any of your sales, even if you're using our FREE100 gallery. You ALWAYS keep all of the profits.

View favourites

View your client's and other users' favourite images from their gallery via your dashboard. Available on PRO galleries or to subscription users only.

Mobile Ready Galleries

All of our galleries look great on any device and your client can purchase quickly and easily any time, anywhere.

Easyshare URL

Create a unique easyShare URL for each gallery to make it easy for you and your clients to share.


Worried about people stealing images? Use our super secure watermarking feature. Upload your watermark and we will automatically apply it to all photos in your gallery and slideshow. This will not affect any print orders made from the gallery. Available on PRO galleries or to subscription users only.

 All galleries
  PRO and subscription galleries only


"It offers a level of professionalism to all, whether you're just starting out or are a seasoned photographer, anyone could use it."

Jade Hegarty

"I love the flexibility and the online images for my clients to share their images"

Faith Stone McNitt

"It's so simple to use and looks great"

Ray Lowe

"3XM has revolutionised my photo sharing experience. I uploaded the first wedding on the weekend - and oh my! The picture quality is exceptional, the layout delightful and the easy to use interface makes it a joy for the client to use and also to share with friends and family."

Doreen Kilfeather

"It look so professional and very easy to use."

Shirley Kelly




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