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"Just wanted to drop you a line to say - THANK YOU - so much for the amazing new solution you've given me for my wedding shoots. Up until now - when a wedding shoot was complete - I used my own website private gallery to send the pictures to the couple. The problem with that is that it just didn't have the right set up - and the pictures looked very small, not great resolution, and no facility to order prints etc. The other option was dropbox - ok so the quality is good - but it just didn't feel special. Its fine for commercial clients - but a wedding couple deserve the presentation to be as beautiful as every other part of their day. To this end the 3xm solution has revolutionised my photo sharing experience. I uploaded the first wedding on the weekend - and oh my! The picture quality is exceptional, the layout delightful and the easy to use interface makes it a joy for the client to use and also to share with friends and family. ".

- Doreen Kilfeather

"I can't tell you enough how much I loved your product!! My clients loved loved loved it!!! Thank you very much I will keep on with my orders.".

- Miriam, Sweet Grace Photography, USA

"3xm have provided us with some very lovely products recently , their strut mounts have a lovely quality finish to them and are priced very competitively against other similar products in the photography retail market. But the "jewel in the crown" must be their beautiful usb presentation packages. We have steered away from selling USB type products to clients in the past because of the cheap looking items on offer from other retailers, but with 3XM's usb presentation packages we have a very desirable product to sell that is proving a great success with our clients We look forward to working with such a good supplier in the future".

- David Doyle AMPA ABIPP, Oakley Studios

"I love the products! I had just ordered a couple to try them out and I'll definitely be ordering more. The quality is exceptional and the order was processed extremely quickly. I am very pleased.".

- Heather, Hay.Lo Photography, USA

"It's so simple to use and looks great".

- Rob Howe via Facebook

"I love the flexibility and the online images for my clients to share their images".

- Faith Stone McNitt via Facebook

The huge success of Cherubs is that it's the perfect 'portrait business on a plate'. You can exclusively purchase from the MPA (who are in partnership with Bounty UK) the names of prospective mums at 26 weeks into her pregnancy and contact her through the child's first year.

This is a business you can completely control to suit your own portrait business size and make-up in terms of what you offer and what you charge whilst benefiting from continual help and support from the MPA (templates for literature, help with training, mentoring and pricing advice).

The strength of this business is in the huge profits made by Cherubs partners, which comes from the upsell of the recommended products offered to the family and purchases made. The brilliant USB products from the 3XM Solution have been a massive benefit to this success.

"The popularity of selling digital files is Nationwide and it is so much better to offer the family their quality images on a professional looking USB in excellent presentation boxes and bags while enabling your client to share the images on Facebook and across other social media. This not only looks much better than just a CD in a cover but also helps promote your business. This one USB presentation product from the 3XM Solution alone has already increased the sales for many of the Cherub Photographers across the UK and will continue to do so."

If you would like to know more about the exciting Cherubs Programme and its costs and benefits please phone +44 1325 356555.

- Ray Lowe HonFMPA & Cherubs Director

"It offers a level of professionalism to all, whether you're just starting out or are a seasoned photographer".

- Daniela Elizabth-Ann Logan via Facebook

"I love the personalisation and presentation of products for my clients".

- Anna Redmond via Facebook

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