3XM is the brainchild of Ronan Ryle, Business Development Director of Photovalue Ltd. in Dublin, Ireland. He wanted to help photographers 'make more money' from their 'disc only' or 'shoot and burn' weddings. Our name was born out of this initial idea with the three letters 'M' from the phrase staying put (3 x M). Since then, 3XM has evolved quite dramatically to what it is today where we strive to deliver on 'Your Selling Made Simple' for modern photographers.


We are a small team of passionate photographers, creatives, business people, developers, engineers and truly dedicated customer service people based in Dublin, Ireland.

Collectively we want to provide photographers across the globe with the very best way to present their photography whether it's with luxury folio boxes, USB presentation products or online client galleries.

Quality is at the heart of everything we do. We believe in providing not only exceptional products but in first-rate customer service too. When our customers are happy, we're happy; when our customers succeed, we succeed. It's as simple as that.



We've designed the Ultimate Folio Box™ that photographer's around the world have fallen in love with. And it doesn't stop there. Photographers are constantly telling us how much their clients love them.

But we don't just sell luxury folio boxes. We have a range of products to suit all genres and budgets. We have products that combine the presentation of prints along with digital files on a USB, just prints be it matted or simply on their own, and for digital files only on a beautiful flash drive.

Our brand is important to us so we understand how important it is to you too. That’s why we built TED, our online product designer which allows you to build a bespoke product to suit your style.
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The Ultimate Folio Box for photographers from 3XM


Business is one of our many passions here at 3XM and we want to share what we know to help you get the most out of your photography business.

We all know plenty of great photographers out there that aren’t good at the business side of things and who should be earning a lot of money. Equally, there are plenty of OK photographers out there who are great at business and are making lots of money. Over the years, we have heard from photographers how difficult they find growing and improving their business.

So how can we help you:

  • We run Social Media Marketing training days specifically designed for photographers. Learn more »
  • We run regular webinars that cover a whole host of topics from sales processes that will help you sell more to pricing strategies and marketing tips. Learn more »
  • Our blog is full of rich information on various aspects of Sales & Marketing for photographers - don't miss our free ebook download! Learn more »
  • We've built a Know Your Numbers tool to help you work out how much you're making per hour (you might be surprised at this) and what you need to charge to make the money you need. Try it »

We want to hear from you. Tell us what you find most challenging about running your photography business and what kind of help you’d like to see available.