We want you to feel confident when you shop with us and know that if you're not happy with your product, you can return it to us for a full refund.


Please ensure you check all components of your order when you receive it to ensure everything is correct and undamaged.


If you are not happy with your order, you MUST contact us within 30 days of receiving it to request a return and your money back. To contact us, simply click the green bubble at the bottom right of your screen or you can email us at

When we receive your request for a return, we will then organise to collect the product from you. Please ensure everything is packed well using the packaging materials it arrived with to ensure the product does not get damaged in transit.

Once the product has been received by us, we will then issue a refund.

Any 3XM Reward points that were used on the order will be refunded to your account. Please note: 3XM reward points will not be refunded as a cash value.


Check all USBs to ensure they are working correctly on receipt of your order. Whilst all USBs go through two quality checks prior to dispatch, there can still be instances where a USB may not work on a particular device. If this is the case, please contact our Client Happiness team to request a replacement.


Incorrectly Ordered Product: If you ordered the wrong size/shape/colour of product than the one you had intended and the product has been branded, we cannot offer you a refund for this product. If it is unbranded, we may be able to issue a refund for the product less any delivery costs and you will also be liable for shipping costs to return it to us. If you ordered an unbranded product and actually want it branded, you can return it to us at your own expense to have it branded. You will also incur an additional shipping charge for shipping the branded product back to you.
It is your responsibility to check and double check what you are ordering at the various stages of the cart, checkout, and in your order confirmation email. This includes all aspects of the product and branding. If you have ordered something incorrectly, please contact us immediately so we can rectify it before it goes into production.

Special Cases: If your product was branded and your artwork was not supplied on a template, we cannot accept a return if you are not happy with the size or position of the logo. We automatically resize your logo to specific dimensions dependent on the product and we will position it centre centre by default. To ensure your logo is sized and positioned correctly, please use the correct template for the product you have ordered. You can find the templates for all products here

Delivery to your Client: All products must be checked by you on receipt of the order before giving or shipping to your client to ensure everything is ok. Once the product has been given/sent to your client, we are no longer responsible for any errors with or damage to the product.

Duties and Taxes: Any duties or taxes that were paid on receipt of the order can not be refunded by us.

After 30 days: Our money back guarantee is only valid if you contact us within 30 days of receiving the product.

Other: 3XM are not liable for any loss of earnings or any other costs or charges that may have been incurred.