Networking Takes Effort.
Make sure your prospects never forget you.

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88% of Business Cards End Up In The Trash

Stop wasting time, effort and money on networking and handing out paper business cards when most of them get chucked out! 9/10 people will never remember who you are or how to contact you when they need your services.

Make sure people never forget you and always have your details with a Quantum Business Card.

Stand Out

Using Quantum will make you stand out. You’ll appear innovative, forward thinking and dare I say quite a bit cooler than everyone else ;)

Send Your Info

Just tap your Quantum Business Card to your prospect's phone to transmit your contact info and more using NFC technology.

Connect and do Business

When they're ready to do business with you, it's easy for them to find your details on their phone and connect with you.

No apps are required to use a Quantum Business Card.

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Quantum Business Cards

Look Professional Always

Forget about trying to carry around bulky business cards that end up dog-eared or looking worse for wear – one Quantum Business Card is all you need.

Leave a Lasting Impression

A single tap is all it takes to send your contact info and more directly to someone's smartphone. Leaving a lasting impression has never been so easy!

Easy Interaction

No apps need to be downloaded to use Quantum. Simply tap and share! You can also add a QR code to your Card which can be scanned in the event of someone not having an NFC enabled phone.

Save Money & Help the Environment

Save money on printing business cards, not to mention all the trees you'll save by adopting Quantum's paperless technology.

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The Quantum Digital Business Card

Scan the QR code below to see a demo of a Quantum Digital Business Card
Scan this QR with your phone to see a demo Quantum Digital Business Card

How does it differ from a regular business card?

The Quantum Business Card is made up of a physical element and a digital element. The physical card is just like a credit card, designed to fit easily into your wallet so you'll always have it with you. Because it's made from PVC it's hardwearing, durable, and even waterproof.

The digital piece of the Quantum Business Card is what people see when you tap your Quantum Business Card to to their phone. It has been specially created by our team of expert UX designers, marketers and web developers to produce a digital business card that not only looks good but also gives your prospects the info they need to entice them to do business with you.

No More Bulk

One card in your wallet is all you'll ever need!


Your physical Quantum Business Card will even survive being dropped in a puddle!

Update Your Details in Real Time

Phone number changed? No problem. Simply update your Digital Business Card in your Quantum Dashboard and it will update in real time.

Designed by Experts

Our team of experts have designed the Digital Business Card to give you the features you need to maximise your networking opportunities.

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Order Your Business Card

Click here to order your Quantum Digital Business Card safely and securely.


Set Up Your Digital Business Card

Go to your Quantum Dashboard and follow the step by step wizard to set up your Digital Business Card.


Tap & Share

When you receive your physical Business Card, you can start tapping and sharing to send your Digital Business Card to prospect's phones.

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What's Included

  • A Physical Business Card
  • A Digital Business Card with Lifetime Access
  • Branding on your Physical Card
  • Delivery to UK, Europe, USA and Canada.
  • NO Subscription Required

Taxes & Turnaround

Prices shown exclude VAT.

A delivery charge will apply to all countries outside UK, Europe, USA and Canada.

Please allow 12 working days from receipt and approval of artwork for your Quantum Business Card order.

How long will my Digital Business Card stay live for?

We'll keep it live for as long as you need it :) No subscription required!

Quantum Business Card Pricing

Why use a Quantum Business Card

8 great benefits of using a Quantum Business Card

Stand Out

Using a Quantum Business Card will make you stand out from all the other networking professionals. You’ll appear innovative, forward thinking and dare I say quite a bit cooler than everyone else ;)

Easy To Carry

The Quantum Business Card is designed to live in your wallet so it's easy to carry and you'll never forget to bring it with you. You can also save your Digital Business Card to your phone in case you don't have your wallet with you!

Simple Sharing

One simple tap of the Quantum Business Card to any NFC enabled phone gives them instant access to your Digital Business Card. They can save it to their phone and save you as a contact for future reference. You can also include an optional QR code on the card for people who don't have NFC enabled phones.

Be Remembered

When they save you as a contact, they'll be able to contact you when they're ready to do business with you.

Help the Environment

Traditional paper business cards that need to be printed over and over have an environmental impact. Save more trees by upgrading to a Quantum Business Card.

Real Time Updates

If you need to change any information on your Digital Business Card, you can update it in real time from the Quantum Dashboard. No reprints needed when you change your phone number!

No Apps Required

The beauty of Quantum is its simplicity. There are no apps needed to use it.


You only need one Quantum Business Card. These bad boys won't dog ear and if you drop it in a puddle... no problem – they're waterproof!


You've got questions? We've got answers :)

Does a Quantum Business Card work with iPhone and Android?

Yes, Quantum uses NFC (Near Field Communication) technology which works with the vast majority of mobile phones regardless of whether it's running iOS or Android.

Phone Compatibility List:
Apple iPhones after 2017
Samsung phones after 2014
Google phones after 2015
Huawei phones after 2016
LG phones after 2014
HTC phones after 2015
OnePlus phones after 2015
Nokia phones after 2016

What if someone doesn't have an NFC enabled phone?

You have the option of including a QR code on the physical Quantum Business Card at the time of ordering. This acts as a backup in the event that someone doesn't have an NFC enabled phone. They can simply scan the QR code instead.

On the Digital Business Card, there is also a Share feature whereby someone can scan the QR code directly from the Digital Business Card on your phone, or you can send a link via message, email or any other sharing apps you may have on your phone.

Do I or anyone else neeed to download an app to share or receive a Quantum Business Card?

No, no apps are required to use Quantum.

How long will the Digital Business Card stay active for?

Your Digital Business Card will stay live for as long as you need it – as long as you're in that job, own that business, or till you retire!

Can a Digital Business Card be accessed without a physical Quantum Business Card?

Yes, you can save it to your phone like an app. It can also be accessed via a direct URL (can be copied from the dashboard). You also share the Digital Business Card using the Share feature in the Digital Busines Card itself without needing the physical card (in case you forget to bring it with you.

Can I "turn off" a Digital Business Card if the card gets lost or stolen?

Yes, you can de-activate a Digital Business Card in the Quantum Dashboard.

Can I buy a Quantum Business Card without the Digital Business Card or vice versa?

No, a Quantum Business Card must be linked to a Digital Business Card.

Can I link my Quantum Card to a link of my own?

No, not directly. However, you can custom buttons to your Digital Business Cards to any external URL.

Do you have branding guidelines?

Yes, click the button below for branding information and to download templates for the physical Quantum Business Card.

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