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We'd been searching for a way to sell more images to our clients.
Then we found 3XM.

We were leaving money on the table

"Since we started with in-person sales 12 years ago, we have always been challenged by the “album issue”. Clients would choose their wall art, and would have many favorite images remaining, but they would tell us they weren’t really “album people”. The folio box has been a GAME CHANGER for us in this area!

It’s the perfect solution for someone who wants all their images printed and loves to display, but just doesn’t have the wall space or just enjoys something smaller. Now we are able to sell an additional product after the wall art to almost every client who walks through our door."

Whitney & David Scott

Whitney and David Scott - Tribe of 5 Mentors





Our proven sales process is super simple. We sell for the wall first and then we upsell. And guess what... it works! Our average sale is $5000.

SELL FOR THE WALL: Our primary sales are wall art, so we project our client’s portraits large on the studio wall. The key for us selling groupings is using room views to give clients ideas of how best to showcase their images.
SELL THE REST: Once we have used their favorite portraits for the wall, clients will typically have 20-30 remaining favorites, which we then sell to them in a folio box or album.
USE DIGITALS AS LEVERAGE: While wall art, folio boxes and albums are the three physical products we sell, most of our clients end up with some or all of their edited digital files too. They have a high perceived value, and are low cost to us, making them the perfect incentive to use as leverage in the sales room. When clients purchase both wall art and either a folio box or an album, they receive their digital files complimentary. This results in 9/10 people buying both wall art and a folio box or album and giving us a sales average of $5000!

Whitney Scott Photographer in Studio

Since you started offering folio boxes has anything changed?

Yes! 9/10 people now buy an additional product after wall art giving us an average sale of $5,000


Premium Wood Window 8x10 Folio Box


Since our initial offering of the Premium Walnut Wood Window Folio Box, it has quickly become our best-seller. Clients love that it can hold their images and digital files, but are especially impressed with the dual function of being a display piece as well!

Premium Wood 8x10 Folio Box


We love the walnut wood box so much we even purchased it as a gift for David's parents' 50th wedding anniversary. Inside were prized family portraits, and on the lid we had engraved a portion of the poem that was read at their wedding.
Best. Gift. EVER!

"When choosing vendors with which to partner, we are always looking for two primary things: a family-owned company (or a company that feels like family!) who cares deeply about their work and the clients they serve, and a quality, hand-crafted product that we absolutely love. This piece of the puzzle is essential to us since we cannot sell a product to others that we have not fallen in love with ourselves! From the first time we held a 3XM folio box in our hands we knew we had a fantastic product, and the first time we met the Ryle family, we knew this was a company we wanted to be partnered with."

Don't leave money on the table...
Start selling Folio Boxes & watch your sales grow


Start selling

Start selling your folio box and watch your average order value skyrocket as your clients walk out the door with huge smiles on their faces!

About Whitney & David

David & Whitney Scott have built a balanced life. They work less than 20 hours per week running a business that places them among the top 5% income earners in the industry. They’ve built their business intentionally to allow them to live a lifestyle with time to travel, spend precious time with their children and extended family and give generously with their time and resources to causes they care about.

They have educated professional photographers for the past 10 years on topics ranging from personality types in sales, to psychology in pricing and sales. They have taught thousands of photographers through educational platforms such as IPS Mastermind, WPPI, SYNC, After Dark, The Sandy Puc Tour and many more. They have also launched a mastermind platform with Tavis and Amy Guild called Tribe of 5. Their primary message to other photographers is "If two dorks like us can do this, you can do it too."

Whitney and David Scott - Tribe of 5 Mentors - Photographers

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